Van Reenen

Van Reenen is the gateway between Free State and KwaZulu Nat

Van Reenen is located at the border between KwaZulu-Natal and the

Van Reenen is located at the border between KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State on the main N3. The Van Reenen Pass is the main access from the Free State into KwaZulu Natal. The little village of Van Reenen is famous for having the Llandaff Oratory and the smallest church in the world - capable of a full house of 8 people. The church was built by a father in memory of his son who died in a mining accident  A lovely little tea  garden is now next to the little church.


Situated on the 1680 m high summit of the Van Reenen Pass, the village forms the major gateway into Kwazulu Natal. The N3 from the Free State closely follows the old pass route as it descends down the escarpment into Kwazulu Natal. The view site at Windy Corner, (turn off 2,5 km from Van Reenen) offers sweeping views of the Drakensberg. Van Reenen is famous for having the smallest church in the world. The Llandaff Oratory which seats eight people, was built as a father’s memorial to a son who died in a mining accident. The church is open to visitors and there is a small curio shop.


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