Deriving itís name from the military outposts, Ďpiketsí in Dutch,

Deriving itís name from the military outposts, Ďpiketsí in Dutch, which were posted here during the 1670ís.
Piketberg Information
Deriving it’s name from the military outposts, ‘pikets’ in Dutch, which were posted here during the 1670’s. Piketberg is situated below the towering sandstone cliffs of the Piket mountain range – 125 km north of Cape Town. Atop the Piketberg is one of the best known cultivated plateaux in the country, where some of it’s finest appels, pears and peaches are grown. Apart from it’s deciduous fruit, this is an area renowned for it’s beautiful proteas and buchu ( a herb used in cetain medicines)grown for export.


How to get there

Cape Town 125 km, Aurora 40 km, Redelinghuys 65 km, Elandsbaai 96 km, Eendekuil 35 km.


Annual Events

Museum Day – May

Anglo-Boer War Route (Historical Route)

Follow from the museum


An artillery piece fired during the 18th century to warn farmers of approaching Khoi-San

Dutch Reformed Church

A striking stone church in the Neo Gothic style consecrated in 1882, notable for it’s window designs, turrets and stucco panels.


Originally called Die Kloof, this mission station of the Moravian Missionary Society is situated 25 km from Piketberg. Most of the stone and clay houses boast brightly painted windows and doors. The beautiful stone church was completed in 1896.

Piketberg Museum

Housed in a renovated old house and a synagogue. A collection of interesting artifacts displaying the town’s history can be seen.

Water-Mill at Deze Hoek

Located on the farm Deze Hoek at the foot of the Versveld Pass. Was proclaimed a National Monument in 1984.


This Moravian mission station is situated 12 km from town and was established in the early 19th century.


Banghoek Game Reserve


Arguably the largest wild olive forest in the country

Versveld Pass

A drive up to plateau offering beautiful views across the rolling wheat fields and surrounding mountain ranges.

Op die Berg

(‘on the mountain’) A rich agricultural area on top of the PIketberg plateau. Located 25 km from town and reached via the breathtaking Versveld Pass.

Fauna and Flora route

Both Bergskeur and Burglars Post are protea export farms


Art & Craft Route

Winkelshoek Curio Shop

African and homemade gifts

Home made products and gifts

Homemade and imported gifts

Gifts and plants

Porcelain dolls


Dunn’s Castle

A beautiful, spacious stone castle high on the southern slopes of the Piketberg overlooking the breathtaking landscape

Winkelshoek Wine Cellar

The gracious building with it’s African theme is situated on the N7 at Piketberg. Underneath it’s thatched roof you can taste and buy all the wines of five wine cellars on the Swartland Wine Route. Winkelshoek today is known not only for it’s fortified wines it started out from, but also the Weskus (West Coast) brand table wines – your excellent everyday drinking wines. Then there is a range of brandies, gin, cane, vodka, scotch whisky and rum, to name some. Here you’ll also find a bottle store, a curio shop as well as a cozy restaurant with a very interesting menu.

PPC Cement Factory

One of the first cement manufacturing plants to be established in South Africa. Here cement is manufactured on a large scale and for this purpose three million tons of soil is moved annually.

Piketko Limited

Is situated in the industrial area of Piketberg to the east of the town next to the N7 road and is reached from the road to Porterville. Piketko was established in 1983 and serves as packer of deciduous and citrus fruit, which are destined for the export and local market. The normal and controlled atmosphere cooling techniques used are of the most modern in the world and the packaging process is completely mechanized. Conducted tours during working hours can be arranged.



Noupoort Hiking Trails

Three hiking trails ranging from a relaxing walk to something for the experienced hiker. The trails traverse an area of rich fynbos with an abundant birdlife and spectacular rock formations.

Mountain Biking / Cycling

On top of Piketberg Mountain beautiful scenery greets the cycling enthusiasts. A couple of informal trails are available.

Piketberg Golf Club

Nine holes, grass fairways and greens. Situated adjacent to the N7 visitors are very welcome.

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Piketberg Information
Piketberg Information

Piketberg Information
Piketberg Information

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