Fraserburg has a very rich historical heritage.

Fraserburg has a very rich historical heritage. The earliest inhabitants of the area were Bushmen, and signs of their culture can still be found in the vicinity. The first whites arrived in 1780 and the town was founded on the farm ‘Rietfontein’ in 1851. The town was named after Rev Collin Fraser, at that time a minister at Beaufort West, and father of the wife of Free State President MT Steyn. The historical parts of the town consist of Rossouw Street, Voortrekker Street and Van Schalkwyk Street, together with their side streets. The town has typical Karoo houses, some of which have pitched roofs and gable ends and others with flat roofs. Many houses are joined by stone walls and avenues of trees. Two residents of Fraserburg played an important role in the development of the Afrikaans language. During 1870 a number of ‘Boerebrieven’ (farmer’s letters) were written by HWA Cooper, an Englishman and local law agent, and published in Het Volksblad under the pseudonym Samual Zwaartsman. The Rev PD Rossouw wrote the first sermon in Afrikaans for Die Afrikaanse Patriot, published in Paarl by the first Afrikaans language movement


How to get there

Brandvlei 220 km, Calvinia 195 km, Carnarvon 138 km, Keimoes 467 km, Kenhardt 368 km, Leeu Gamka (N1) 114 km, Loxton 100 km, Nieuwoudtville 264 km, Sutherland 113 km, Upington 519 km, Williston 93 km

Altitude: 1260 m

Average Rainfall: approximately 200 mm during March / April

Average Temperatures

Summer 19°c – 30°c; Winter 1°c – 15°c

Banks – Absa

Dams – Nuwedam

Mountains – Nuweveld

Rivers – Sak


Anglican Church

The church of St Augustine was completed in 1870. The architect was the well known Sophia Gray, wife of Bishop Robert Gray of Cape Town. This church was built of local stone, in the Gothic style. There is no steeple and the bell hangs in a separate bell tower next to the church. Identical bell towers stand next to the ‘Peperbus’ and the Old Mission church in Voortrekker Street

Corbelled House

On the farm Grootfontein, this building reflecting trekboer ingenuity is a national monument.


The most important is the grave of Rev PD Rossouw next to the Dutch Reformed Church. He was one of the first to promote the Afrikaans language, and the first minister to write a sermon in Afrikaans. In the graveyard to the west of town, are the graves of three English soldiers, killed during the Anglo Boer War (1899 – 1902) by a Boer commando, who had not heard of the declaration of peace three days previously.


Ruins of the oldest Mission Station in the region, built by the Reverend JJ Kichener, who in 1799 came to work among the Bushmen.

Ou Pastorie Museum

The museum, housed in the ‘Ou Pastorie’ (old rectory), is furnished to represent a house of a century ago. Daily life of a farming community of the 19th century is depicted by the typical sitting room, bedroom, farm kitchen and pantry. One room contains articles from the first Dutch Reformed Church, built in 1868. The museum also houses a magnificent fossil exhibition.

Powder Magazine Depot

Used by the British forces during the Anglo Boer War


Anglo Boer War graves and diamond diggings


AG Visser, well known South African author, was born here in a tent under a tent under a pear tree, which is still standing.

San Rock Art – Roodekrans

The Peperbus

Inspired by German architecture, this unique little building was built in 1861 according to plans drawn up by the Rev CA Bamberger. The building was erected by artisan Adam Jacobs, and subsequently served as office for the market agent, church, magistrate, municipality and school board. The building is 8,5 m tall with only one door and one window. The clock in the bell tower was tolled to notify residents that the market was open, and at night signaled the start of the curfew. The bell still produces the purest sound of Fraserburg.

Voortrekker Monument

In Voortrekker Street a small monument was erected in 1938 to commemorate the Voortrekker Centenary.


Gansfontein Palaeosurface

The spoor (tracks) of a mammal like reptile can be seen here. The prints are believed to be approximately 190 million years old


Offers six walking trails, beautiful scenery, breeding place of mountain eagles, identification of plants.

Mail Coach Pass

Decline of 300 m over less than a kilometer


Annual Events

Drama Festival – August

Bokseplaas – Gaves with coloured ‘klipsweet’

Komkommerleegte – Prickly pear farming

Tafelberg and Spitskop

The beacons of Fraserburg, visible from the N1. Ideal for mountain climbing

The Oudekloof Route

Klerksville – Fossils 13 km from Fraserburg

Rivierplaas – 16 km from Fraserburg – remains of Bushman life and art

Ratelfontein – Anglo Boer War graves and diamond diggings

Goodluck – 25 km from Fraserburg, unique hills and a 5 in 1 cypress tree

De Hoek

40 km from Fraserburg, viewpoint offering magnificent views, hiking trails, scientific Merino breeding. Lunch by appointment

Ou Kloof - Beautiful nature scenes, rare butterfly, the Poecilmitis midas


4 x 4 Routes / Mountain Biking / Hiking

The Potjies Trail

Majestic mountains, wide open and overhanging cliffs dominate the scenery. Fossilized footprints are found in the area. The routes are well marked. The highlights is the Mail Coach Pass

Hunting – Springbok

Mountain Climbing – Tafelberg and Spitskop

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